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Our Story

We provide services to startups and early stage business from name selection, physical infrastructure design and cloud IT services or software that they require in their growth journey.

Early-stage business struggle during the initial period for want of expertise, time and money. Our purpose is to give them the right experts and offer those services as digitised packages. If it’s an agreement template or a naming guide that is needed, they can get it right away as a download after the purchase.

We are the marketplace of micro services for early-stage and mature businesses.

By providing price visibility, we are removing the barrier to small businesses and solo founders who otherwise never approach a firm for such services. These services help them shrink time taken to achieving break even which prevents the traditional staggering failure rate of startup companies. In a small way we are helping avoid time and money wastage of all founders, investors and their family members or friends from whom you borrow through in your journey for purpose.

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